A-Station is the key redevelopment project of A Development Company. It aims at renovation and redevelopment of historical buildings of the former military Arsenal Plant; and it results into creation of the new landmark of the capital city of Ukraine. Once restricted dull area has been converted into a friendly public space. Historical buildings renovated got new UpToDate functions meeting requirements of contemporary society.
Main plan
THE NEW Old City

The A-Station Project is a meeting point of the new city life, new citizens formation and new big ideas with the rich historical heritage.
Located in the very center of the capital city of Ukraine, former industrial area and military giant, abandoned and neglected, became anew relevant cluster of the urban living appreciated by the most demanding critics – the people.
A success story – the A-Station Project became indeed the symbol of innovative thinking, just as its predecessor - the outstanding Arsenal Plant.

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Five monuments of architecture and one of the first city squares were restored and renovated within the A-Station Project. One could learn city’s history with these objects.

Mid 19th century
The A-Station Project had a very symbolic start with the renovation of Pavilion 1 of the former Arsenal Plant.
This building is the best known of entire complex, built in 1849-1854 under the project by Alexander Gemilian – the famous Russian architect and member of Russian Academy of Arts.
The former production workshop shaped as an open polygon is considered to be one of the most sophisticated constructions of that time period in Kyiv: to build this monumental construction on bulk soil, the architect applied a complex system of foundations composed of deep beams, the bases of which are built-up with arches.
The most complex construction in 19th century Kyiv.
The remarkable Arsenal
The fascinating story of the glorious Arsenal Plant finds its beginning in 1763: it was a number of modest wooden manufactures producing ammunition for Pechersk Fortress. Who could have thought back then that these manufactures would participate in numerous historic events and develop into a military giant?
The Arsenal Plant in XIX-XX was the largest entity in the city accounting more than 800 employees. It was the center of innovation: in 1855 the first fixtures with sewage and two 65 HP steam machines for foundry production were constructed here. 1884 the plant was already electrified. Since back then Arsenal has become and remained the industrial and development avant-garde: a pre-school and a two-grades school, a library and a free clinic – it all was established by the Plant.
Throughout its history, Arsenal has produced cameras series Kyiv and Salut, optoelectronic orientation targeting systems, medical equipment, gas meters and even LED lights.
Today A Development Company implements the ambitious A-Station Project, that aims at redevelopment of these neglected historical buildings of Arsenal and integration of its glorious history within the prosperous future of the new unconventional Kyiv.
Blacksmith House into World Cuisine Wonderland
Arsenal Pavilion 5 was constructed in 1880. It was used as blacksmith workshop. Nevertheless, it’s architecture was rather interesting. Its east side frontage is an example of Classicism. The building gained features of Modern style in the north and west frontages as the result of renovation of 1907-1910. Over the last decades this beautiful building wasn’t in use and fell to decay.
In September 2019 it became home to Kyiv Food Market – a contemporary format in food-service and restaurant industry, which commenced the great A-Station Project.
Arsenal Pavilion 7 was built in 1914-1917 and designed by outstanding architect Fleischer in rational Modernism style. Late in the 20th century the building was remodeled.
In 2020 the new working environment - Creative States of Arsenal was established here. It introduced this successful sought-after concept of co-working to the local market.
Arsenal Pavilion 12 – another work shop built in 1912-1914 under design by the architect Fleischer turned into another co-working space and a parking for residents of the A-Station Project.
Old Workshops, New Conventions
Mykilska Brama and Arsenalna Square
Arsenalna Aquare has witnessed the October Revolution, both World Wars and occupation. It has not always been like we know it nowadays.
The great St. Nicolas Gate or, as the locals call it, Mykilska Brama is situated next to the entrance to Arsenalna subway station – one of the deepest in Kyiv. The Gate was named after St. Nicolas monastery of 15th century torn down by Bolsheviks. The Gate is part of Kyiv Fortress, that once used to be the unified fortification complex. It was conjoined with the Building 1 of Arsenal and demolished when Hrushevskogo Street was built. Throughout different time periods, the building has been used as the military commandant’s office and the archive. Today once reserved restricted building and the great Gate hidden behind ugly fence is renovated by A Development Company. So the monument of architecture of great cultural and historic value now can actually be seen by the citizens and guests of Kyiv. The renovation of the Arsenalna Square became a logical development of the surrounding area sponsored by A Development Company and UDP by Quarter Partners. As the result, one of the oldest city squares regained its actual intended use – a public space to rest and leisure.
The Monument of Architecture of National Importance
Kyiv Food Market
Spacious, selective, yet multiple, and first of all delicious food for any occasion. It’s your morning coffee, your brunch while working, your business lunch and relaxing dinner, your fun with friends over a glass of sparkling, it’s your gate into the new impressive unconventional Kyiv.
This is your opportunity to dip into your happy days of careless childhood, taste grandma’s pierogi and dance like no one’s watching.

A creative space for creative teachers. The in-life embodiment of the online educational directory and various initiatives aiming at contemporary development of teachers in Ukraine.

This is the co-working with detached working spaces, a smaller workshop room and a spacious event hall. A delicious café and a library with sophisticated book selection are an exceptional bonus to inspiring atmosphere.

Creative States of Arsenal

Three levels of innovative business environment: 4130 square meters of inspiration - 700 desks, a huge amount of various meeting rooms, free skype rooms, shower, kitchen and bar, open space and caring staff. Creative interior of art nouveau style, lots of light and freedom.


Who doesn’t like Italy, joyfull loud get-togethers with friends and family, Italian wine and cuisine?

Now you can fall in love with it over and over again! Come and enjoy Italian hand-made cheese, pasta, deli meats and authentic pizza.

Khachapuri and Wine

The Georgian cuisine restaurant – a brilliant example of Caucasian hospitality. The vibrant selection of wine make it feel even more authentical.

learn more
Odessa Mama

Odessa style restaurant. If “forshmak & barabulia” sounds like fun, come and taste Chef’s bests of Odessa seafood cuisine.


A Development Company is focused on development of complex projects of various use. The Company was the first to introduce complexes of the world trend mixed-use Live-Work-Play concept to Ukrainian market.


A Development creates the new convention of urban spaces. The Company elaborates and implements the most suitable sustainable solutions for contemporary megapolis. The key to success of every project is in its synergies multiplied by co-location of mindfully selected functions.

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Smart Plaza Obolon
Tymoshenko avenue, 21, metro station "Minskaya"
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White Lines
1 Vasilkovskaya str., metro station "Holosiivska"
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Victory Avenue, 26, metro station "Polytechnic Institute"
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8, Moskovskaia Str., Kyiv
8, Moskovskaia Str., Kyiv
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